8 Wedding Tips to Avoid

When it comes to weddings, everyone has advice…unfortunately, it's not always sound.

Whether you like it or not, wedding advice will come from everywhere... and a lot of it won't be good. Here is the best of the worst.

"How about throwing a potluck-style reception?"
Our Take: It's not a couple's game night -- it's your wedding. Don't let the desire to cut costs wherever possible lead you astray. Guests expect to enjoy a meal at your wedding, not to serve it.

"Just send so-and-so an invite; they probably won't come."
Our Take: Traditionally speaking, it's not a bad idea to invite more guests than you'd like to have attend, since it's rare that everyone will be able to come. To get a better feel for what your guest list could look like, send save-the-dates out as early as possible. Generally speaking, if a friend or family member knows they won't be able to attend, they'll inform you then. Just don't do this at the last minute, as you risk a full turnout that you aren't equipped to handle.

"You need to invite your uncle's girlfriend's parent's neighbors..."
Our Take: Don't ever let someone talk you into inviting friends of friends to your wedding. It's your wedding celebration, not a backyard barbecue. After all, what could possibly be more awkward than seeing a bunch of people you don't know enjoying your reception? When it comes to making your guest list, hold firm and invite only the people you genuinely want.

"Go on a diet."
Our Take: Deciding to go on a diet before your wedding is your call and yours alone. No one should tell you that diets are a pre-wedding requirement; this couldn't be further from the truth. If losing weight is one of your goals, work out and eat right. Don't overdo it though; planning your wedding should be a fun experience, not stressful and potentially unhealthy.

"Demand whatever you want at your wedding -- don't worry about anyone else because you're the bride!"
Our Take: It's your celebration, so you'll rightfully want things to go as planned. The trouble is, marching around and demanding that your family and guests answer to your beck and call could cause unwanted drama on your wedding day. To keep the peace, make it clear you want things done a certain way... just don't be obnoxious about it.

"You have to let kids come to your wedding -- otherwise their parents won't show up."
Our Take: The discussion of whether to invite children to a wedding almost inevitably gets heated. In one corner, you have people who think kids add a certain magic to the atmosphere and provide special moments otherwise only available at a card store -- and yes, these people often have children of their own. In the other, you have those who feel a formal affair could do without the screaming, yelling, and general messing around. That said, including kids in your festivities doesn't have to be a horror movie in the making, so don't assume that having children on the guest list always leads to disaster. If you still don't want to include the little ones, there's a good chance their parents will get a babysitter and attend regardless.

"There's no need to rush the planning; you have all the time in the world."

Our Take: No matter what style wedding you plan to have, it's smart to begin thinking of details as early as possible. You'd be surprised at how quickly vendors get booked. Plus, you should allow for time to change your mind. You thought you wanted silver and gold decor, but one look at a bouquet of fresh sunflowers, and you're all about orange. Quite simply, it's never too soon to start the wedding planning process.

"You have a year after the wedding to send thank-you notes."
Our Take: Your guests took the time to find a gift for you, so why not show them a little love in return? Make sure they know you appreciate them celebrating with you and adding something to your new life together. (If you've been overlooked after giving a gift, remember how that felt.) There's no excuse not to thank them for their time and energy. So before you enter marital bliss, plan a day when the two of you sit down and mail those thank-you notes.

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