Things To Do in Minnesota

Science Museum of Minnesota

The Science Museum of Minnesota is one of the Midwest's most popular museum attractions, offering visitors the chance to enjoy breathtaking large-format films, wonder at one of the world's only complete mounted Triceratops, create and destroy a tornado, and examine an authentic Egyptian mummy.

Spam Museum

Just as every Elvis fan longs to visit Graceland, SPAM fans worldwide now have their own pilgrimage to make. In Austin, Minnesota a 16,500 square-foot SPAM Museum opened in September 2001. Museum visitors will be welcomed to the world of SPAM luncheon meat with a variety of interactive and educational games, fun exhibits and remarkable video presentations.

Grand Portage National Monument - Located on the magnificent shore and boreal forest of Lake Superior in northeastern Minnesota, Grand Portage National Monument preserves a vital headquarters of 18th, 19th and 20th century fur trade activity and Ojibwe heritage. The monument is enclosed within Grand Portage Indian Reservation, for centuries home to Ojibwe Indian families.
Mississippi National River and Recreation Area - The Mississippi National River and Recreation Area is a narrow corridor of land on either side of the Mississippi River extending from Dayton, MN on the north boundary through the Minneapolis/St. Paul area and downstream to Hastings, MN.

Pipestone National Monument - The story of this stone and the pipes made from it spans four centuries of Plains Indian life. Inseparable from the traditions that structured daily routine and honored the spirit world, pipes figured prominently in the ways of the village and in dealings between tribes. The story parallels that of a culture in transition: the evolution of the pipes influenced - and was influenced by - their makers' association with white explorers, traders, soldiers, and settlers.
Voyageurs National Park - The park lies in the southern part of the Canadian Shield, representing some of the oldest exposed rock formations in the world. This bedrock has been shaped and carved by at least four periods of glaciation. The topography of the park is rugged and varied; rolling hills are interspersed between bogs, beaver ponds, swamps, islands, small lakes and four large lakes.

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