Top Mistakes People Make

Ever wonder why so many people fail at making changes they so want in
their lives? Even the smartest of folks fail. There are some predictable
patterns of behavior in people who fail, give up, quit.

Here they are, finally in one place. Many of us would score 10/10 on this.
As you read through them, see how you can make this year different.

1. Never make your resolution on January 1
Actually, don’t even make them in the first two weeks of the year. This is the worst time to set goals, when you’re fighting with the memory of failing at previous resolutions. Over 80% of people who start something on January 1 fail! Don’t be part of this. Plus, it’s right after the holidays, you’re probably still eating unhealthy food, the weather is bad and you have to go back to the daily routine of work. Wait till you want to make a change. The energy of ‘wanting’ to change something is much stronger and more effective than feeling you ‘should’ change or everyone else is doing this so you must. You’ll know when the time is right for you. Try it maybe mid-January when everyone else has already given up and when you’re settled into your daily routine.

2. Don’t get in a hurry
We all overestimate how much we will change in January and when we can’t do it, we give up. Then we underestimate how much we could change in three, six or nine months and fail to make the effort. Your life could be completely different in six months or a year. If you make your overall goal more important than the timing of your goal, you will succeed. Don’t call them ‘New Years’ resolutions - call them Resolutions or Intentions. You’re not supposed to get them in the New Year.

3. Don’t go it alone
Ask someone how he or she lost the weight, quit smoking or left that job they
hated. You need information to find the pathway to success. Don’t try to do this
alone. You need a plan. People who have achieved a similar goal to yours have that knowledge, and often want to help someone else in the same position. Who do you know who made the change you want? Get specific, ask them what worked, what was hard, how long did it take, what do they know now.

4. Don’t bite off more than you can chew
When you have five things you want to change in your life, nothing will change.
So if this is the year to quit smoking, move, find the soul mate, change careers and lose 30 pounds, have a good laugh right about now. When you constantly know the two things you want, your decisions and actions associated with those two things are much clearer.

Ask yourself: If I could only be sure of one thing happening this year, what would it be? Your brain works much better if it has one thing to focus on.

5. Don’t live in the past
If you’ve attempted a resolution before and didn’t quite have the result you’d
hoped for, it doesn’t mean you can’t try again. The past does not predict failure in
the future. Don't let the ghost of resolutions past put you off! Forgive yourself,
honor your past attempts at trying and resolve to succeed this year. Make some
significant progress this time around.


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