If i had to describe myself......id say.........one in a million .....lol
EnticingBeauty -Profile
After a while you learn the subtle difference Between holding a hand and chaining a soul, And you learn that love doesn't mean leaning And company doesn't mean security, And you begin to learn that kisses aren't contracts And presents aren't promises And you begin to accept your defeats With your head up and your eyes open, With the grace of a woman, Not the grief of a child And you learn to build all your roads on today, Because tomorrow's ground is too uncertain for plans and futures have a way of falling down in mid-flight. After a while you learn that even sunshine Burns if you get too much So you plant your own garden and decorate your own soul, Instead of waiting for someone to bring you flowers And you learn that you really can endure... That you really are strong And you really do have worth, and you learn and learn... With every good bye you learn.
neha_dupia -Profile
*eccentric*stoopid*funny(pst..at least i think so)*artistic*teaser*singer*listner*eyeline*Skirts n T-shirt type*flip flops*snow*rain*milk chocolates*dogs*psstt...it has a pun wanna know ask me heheh*flowers*laughing* Thts me
Neet -Profile
I want to live my next life backwards,You start out dead and get that out of the way, Then you wake up in a nursing home feeling better every day, Then you get kicked out for being too healthy, Enjoy your retirement and collect your pension, Then when you start work, you get a gold watch on your first day, You work 40 years until you're too young to work, You get ready for High School: drink alcohol, party, and you're generally, promiscuous, Then you go to primary school, you become a kid, you play, and you have no, responsibilities, Then you become a baby, and then, You spend your last 9 months floating peacefully in luxury, in Spa-like conditions central heating, room service on tap, and then, You finish off as an orgasm. I rest my case. My Name's Dessica i'ma make up artist, still in school but i graduate college in november then i'm on my way to an extremely successfuly and diverse career. There's alot of things that i wannt to accomplish in the next few years i'm hard working n put my best effort into everything i do...uhmmm i'm pretty laid back i love to dance n party n just chill out emmm i'm a pretty humble person i guess n sorry but i dont like pretty boys loll =) and uhmm ye! if there's anything else just ask i guess my birthday is in 7 days =D im so excited !!
PEACHES -Profile

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