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City: moved :[ State: New York
Rating: 7.805 Total Rating:1201
Weight: 5798937595489
Height: 6 feet 11 inches
Smoke: noo
Religion: christtiiann
Ethnicity: half bangali half cu
Drink: eh..someitmes
Interests: dancin and bball

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A b o u t    maya

Web Address: http://www.udesi.com/maya

yeah so im not completely desi..but my mom is...and i dont live wit my dad..so that counts right? good..i play bball..and i dance..my whole life is dancin..and i learned belly dancin too lol

just so you know i dont like it when ppl call me hot because i dont think i am so dont bother telling me i am got it? good

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fckkkkk......can i steal ur pics...n pretend ur my bf???hahaha lolz bang bang!
laila |  03/30/09
__$$$$__$$___________$$_$$$$$$$__$$$$$$$_$$$$$$$$ _$$__$$_$$____ali____$$_$$_______$$________$$$$ __$$____$$_____$_____$$_$$_______$$_________$$ ___$$___$$____$$$____$$_$$$$$$___$$$$$$_____$$ $$___$$_$$__$$___$$__$$_$$_______$$_________$$ $$___$$_$$_$$_____$$_$$_$$_______$$_________$$ _$$$$$__$$$$_______$$$$_$$$$$$$__$$$$$$$____$$ ___$$$$______$$ ___$$_$$_____$$___10 FOR YOU ___$$__$$____$$ ___$$___$$___$$___GORGEOUS ___$$____$$__$$ ___$$_____$$_$$___TAKE CARE ali _$$$$___$$$$$$$____$$$$____$$$$_$$____$$ $$__$$__$$___________$$____$$___$$____$$ _$$_____$$____________$$__$$_____$$__$$ __$$____$$$$$$_________$$$$__ali__$$$$ ____$$__$$___DYMED BY__$$$$________$$ $___$$__$$____ali_____$$__$$_______$$ $$___$$_$$__________$$_____$$______$$ _$$$$$__$$$$$$$__$$$$_______$$$$___$$
luv |  01/22/09
RELATIONSHIPS ARE NOT EXAM TO PASS OR FAIL, ITíS NOT A COMPETITION TO WIN OR LOOSE, ITíS A FEELING IN WHICH YOU CARE FOR SOMEONE MORE THAN YOURSELF. Looking in my eyes should tell u what u mean 2 me Looking deep into u'rz, da whole world is what I see A world that welcomes me with open arms A world which I want to share with you A world that's fill with Love A world so very perfect & true Darling, without you I couldn't live Be a part of this world, My Love is what I'll give. I give 2 you a Gift of My Love & Friendship, A Piece of My Heart & Soul A shoulder to cry on when Life makes u sad A Ear to listen, Eyes to see da Beauty of u're Soul & A Smile to Brighten u're day IF I EVER MEET U, I WON'T SAY ANYTHING, I'LL JUST LOOK AT YOU & SEE U'RE TEARS, I STILL SEE THEM FOR HOW LONG WOULD YOU HIDE ?
justaskimighttellya |  01/11/09
While I am in house arrest can you please at least have mercy and let me have sex daily with you. :D
Tarunakakhali |  01/10/09
your are 100% gowjuss babyluv..
DiZzEe |  02/08/09
well after i got hit by the first BOTTLE..i thought it was raining BOTTLES!! ..then realised sum kids in the crowd I owed 50pence to in school was dishing out sum revenge...so I ran of stage in tearzzzzzzzzzzzzzz :( ...didnt see u there missy ? u go...?
warren |  03/18/09
hey u lookin just tooooo hot ....... love urs looks coz its so gorgeous ...... wer do u live in arab ...... coz i m in the country rite next to u in oman ....... kool i didnt no gorgeous r just rite next me ..... holla back wen u get time
34192 |  02/16/09
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