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My Comments

thanks for comment...looking real good...u got reallly nice eyes! 10 for ya!tc...jigs x
Dhara |  03/07/09
heyyy !! nice pics yaar waaw
ShortyMalick |  02/20/09
hey how u doing lookin realy well u got a 10.Glow In The Dark!!
PriSharma |  03/20/09
You are so buff ***wink wink ***
ARNI |  03/03/09
hey taz how u doin? u remember me? i bet u dnt.... well u luk gud still. not changed much. hope u gud x
DarK |  02/07/09
well i m sorry reemji...but single life is nice...but i know wat u mean bout findingsomeone an d haveign someone steady liek that....makes ccertain things a lot easiar... trsut me i know....its been almost a yr now for me tooo...bout 8 months...since my ex cheated on me...but just have been saem since.....cuz i jus t cant trsut anyone....
ashan |  04/16/09
thnx 4 da add.... peace out... ;)
PIMPJeee |  03/25/09
EyY thnXx fO dA req.. =P dYmeS ur hOt DropiN aH 10!! aniiwayz hot aZx pikz were u frOm?? =] mwahhhh 1trZzzZ...
asi |  02/15/09
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