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City: Bumble fuck, PA State: Pennsylvania
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Weight: i aint fat i aint sk
Height: 5 feet 11 inches
Smoke: ya knooo
Religion: sTrAiGhT uP MuSlIm
Ethnicity: tha onli kenyan desi
Drink: ya knooo
Interests: playinball chillin

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A b o u t    IrfaanAkAFoNzZoAkAcEaZe

Web Address: http://www.udesi.com/IrfaanAkAFoNzZoAkAcEaZe

Im me that it, ya kno playin ball chillin wit mah cuzs smokin that L aha
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My Comments

Hey am fyn fanxz... You? U profiles maaad man hehe Deein it lyk.. x
PriyamDas |  03/12/09
Heyyyy thanxz fo d comment.... Bt al a cn say u iz fit mennn hehehe.... Kp lukin sxy hun mwah nuff luv xx
Saagar |  01/27/09
profile looks sweet man && lubb de song u have der!!
m1zzange1eyez |  01/25/09
i fink if u fink sum1 is cute u shud tel dem so. so i droped in 2 say..."ur cute" lol i'm ere 2 hit u bak wiv dat 10 u promised me to promise to giv a respected promise 10 2 u promise... (dont worry i "promis" i'm confused 2) lol enjoy boi... (sorry not dat ur a boi, but dats da only fing dat rymed wiv dat) lol User
ouch !!! too hot, p.s lookin lonely there in the dark xx
Aneil |  03/02/09
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