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City: London State: n/a
Rating: 5.2094 Total Rating:109
Weight: 83kgs
Height: 6 feet
Smoke: Smokin Kills...so no
Religion: Islam
Ethnicity: Indian
Drink: Nope, just wAtEr.
Interests: Cricket definitly, TV and being with friends and loved ones.

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Look, i already had my pic up...but...theres someone who obvisiously felt a bit jealous or didnt like it, and i as a smart ass forgot to sign out. So this person, whom i dont really know who it is (probably a friend), decided to change my description and password. Thats why if u see another account of my information lookin a bit weird then just ignore it.

Anyways, i like to be honest and thats why i end up being immodest...kool huh? Well on a serious note i m basically A NICE GUY!!!

Believe me as i leave u with no reason but to believe me.



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