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ya wanna have a lil 1 on 1 convo??wolfeh
will u friendship me sweet(mujse dosti karogi sohniye)Rockysharma
Jasmine! (i know it might sound a little wierd... doing it online but) will u marry me! will u do the honour of being my wife? sorry to have mentioned it so many times... i wish i could jsut relax and calm down like u might ask me to but i cant and im so crazy bout u i want u to be my wife i know that i wont stop mentioning it until u say: "yes i will marry u!" or no cos of some other reason... and i dunno which one of these it will be i hope im not pressurising u into it too much either at least will u think about it and tell me? please hun! i love u and i also wanna make both u and me myself happy too! i cant live without u either... :(Jiggsey4u
Did u know that beauty doesn't last long as people age...? But personality will always be there inside the person. The character we are what we name ourselves... Whether a good or a bad person weak strong loving hating sweet Or selfish etc... And even if your beauty went I'd still like u like my cuteness is fading away my cousins used to tell me I was so cute! Said I was a cute baby! And because if by personality I will always like u! Which will make and help us to be friends fir even more longer especially if you treat me the same way then we could become best friends then marry like in the film "mere yaar ki shaadi hai" :d the two of us... :) Jiggsey4u
View my hi5 profile at: http://www.jiggsey.hi5.com and there's my profile since 2004 hunny U know something... Why do I like u so much? And why is it only me who knows how to treat a woman who will always treat her right and not like other people I hope u feel the same for me... :$Jiggsey4u
I wanna ask u something... I know it mught sound shocking ir embarassing but Would u do the honour to be my wife and marry me? Are u single? I wanna be the first person to propose to u!!! Even if ur not ready yet I'll wait for u till the day we get married!!! :D just give me a time I want to live with you for the rest if my life and us to be husband and wife...Jiggsey4u
Are you really allowed to look this pretty or are there regulations or something?ore_wa_gandamu
Are you really allowed to look this pretty or are there regulations or something?ore_wa_gandamu
whats u r yahoo idwildspyder4u
hey are you really from nj??????/kishan2332kisha
Hey sexy lookin HOT..Hola back!!xxExoticBoy

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desi_curi_24 |  03/10/09

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hiii how u doin cutie
jatt_in_hood |  04/10/09
I wish I had a girl... A girl to hold me or have her arms around my waist when I walk... I I had a girlto show me love... A girl to kiss me... On the lips or my cheek! A girl to take care of me and make me happy and to cheer me up... :( My life partner... My soulmate... My other half/my significant other Someone at least I don't wanna feel lonely and empty anymore!!! I've been lonely and feeling empty for too long...! Longer than 5 years!!! Even when I get to go to go an outing or make some friends or see my mates... I don't have my girl... :( I'm having and had psychological, emotional, spiritual and physical disorder... All because I didn't get married which happens when you don't get married or dont marry... Read what I wrote on rina_desi's profile... U won't b pleased... Might b shocked I'm still depressed Mind u I'm not cheating just got a mood or emotional and spiritual and psychological problem...
Jiggsey4u |  04/06/09
Jus wanna tell u... That u r still looking beautiful! Even in ur picz! :D U luk pretty, cute, adorable and sweet! :)
Jiggsey4u |  04/04/09
Realli? Am I that sweet or u jokin? LOL U knw... I think I should go on a holiday n I will 1st time out of London in my life, out of the uk... Relax go on a vacation Maybe, if possible can I come see u? Maybe we cud each other 4 REAL n bring u home to me?! :D U knw u really wanna go on a holiday I need to even i've only been on a plane since when I was a child only... when i was 1 years old What country do u live in? I wanna come see u! Even though u live from a far away distance from me now but soon we'll bw aeound living locally! Hopefully... See u be my partner for real and not an imaginary one... :$ How r u babe? Long time no chat!
Jiggsey4u |  04/03/09
Yeah. How about you? Do you go to school or work full time? or both..
JTilak07 |  04/01/09
alright hun! ill giv u sum more time! since u asked 4 it it'll b better 4 u... u dnt wanna rush it do u or feel pressure? yeh i knw how u feel... how r u? u ok? did u hav a nice day? i made a new video hope u like it! :D but sorry i didnt get to ask 4 ur permission on ur picz... at da same time i wanted 2 miss u n keep myself busy but give u time to miss me! and even make da video but i realised i missed talking to u! i cant live without u! to even go without talking to u within 24 hours even once... i cant do that! makes my heart grow fonder of u! well did anyine ever tell u distance makes the heart grow fond? ive been told face to face and also read it on tv...! :) what u uo to hunny? ill giv u sum more time on our shaaadi! :P :D or do u wanna go out wiv me instead? for hoewver long and then get married? like have a love marriage? :D and dont worry bot da video itz set on private... no one can see it! only me unless i give them the link its not on public... they wont be able to see it anytime... when they go to my profile but i hope u like it! :D u know i missed u! :( did u miss me?
Jiggsey4u |  04/01/09
Will you be able to come to the UK then hunny? Once u cone here then I couldnarry and see you too! And even give you your dowry, your marriage gift which you get to jeep with you forever while you're married to me And u could also get approval and blessings from my cousin brother and my brothers and sister's, my aunty etc... Cone on then hunny! Marry me won't y? Um still waiting fir our big day and I will never regret it I will always keep you happy! I want to have kids with you I made my decisions long time ago I thought about it hard and long fir the past 8 years! And if you get pregnant or have my/our baby I'll even support u and make sure you're comfortable! I just hope you will stay and live with me for the rest of my life and won't leave me and make our marriage the best thing we would have done in life! I Love You! Mwah Kisses 4 u Hun! I've veen dreaming bout u again and I saw u! I even felt my heart beat 4 u! The love was so strong Every day and night I keep saying: "She's my wife!" U wanny marry u! That i'm gonna take take by wife out etc and even protect get stand by her when people diss her! I wrote the 7tg poem which I will only send to u and no one else! I Love You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jiggsey4u |  03/30/09
hey! did u notice? im talking to u more often than anyone else? thats cos im giving all my attention to you and off course a girl wouldnt like to see her friend or her boyfriend seeing or talking to other guys... and im treating myself as a boyfriend to you even though we are going going out YET! i also sent u 2 more new poems and to no one else not even my little sister! or my closest friends i know i want to and feel the need to keep in touch with my friends even my cousin brother and male friends/m8z and limit the amount of communication of i do to my girl mates... even you who are currently my girl mate but i never wanna forget u and never will want to leave you out of my life... i will always talk to get to know u more and talk to you everday like as if we were brothers and sisters or husband and wife already like we were always meant to be" well im telling u the truth and am also telling u whats on my mind and will always like to tell u how i feel positively which may affect u and may make u want to know about i feel talking abut my feelings i dont wanna bottle up my feelings anymore its like if i had to do anything negative aever again feel sad or bottle up feelings etc.... it would mean to hurt ur feelings but also to hurt your body with my physcial problems and the feelings i have in my heart... you are like a part of my body to me! and maybe u too feel the same that i am a part of your body that im also a prt of your life and im part of ur life too! but i NEVER cheat on people i will never cheat on u and i will never will want to i would be the one to be ur best husband lucky to have a good husband unlike others who is truthful and honest and trustworthy always telling the truth never hiding something from my future wife!i would always tell her stuff i would be telling her secrets always telling the truth even small things that are not harmful or tthruth of things that happen and get in the way and intercept as part of test in life from God id be telling her truth that could be hurtul either and never hide from her anything... always talking about my problems whenever somethings wrong i would be siting down with my wife talking sorting it out... :$ i already consider u and imagine u being my wife... :P
Jiggsey4u |  03/29/09
did u ever notice that there's man in the word woman... adam in madam, mr in mrs? boys are always incomplete without girls and girls are always incomplete without boys...
Jiggsey4u |  03/29/09
ur already inside my heart and my mind... i dont wanna let u go... even if my mum has find someone for me to marry... id rather marry u... and im still looking forward to get to know u even more... and why didnt u add me on msn? i gave u my email addy!
Jiggsey4u |  03/29/09
yeah age doesnt really matter its just a number but when u get to know a person and their personality or what they're like... it doesnt matter as long as the two person are compatible and get along with each other... u know us two... we cud fall in Love! :D and accept it and let it go further! :P
Jiggsey4u |  03/29/09
i have taken some new pictures but havent uploaded it yet all those picz ur seeing now is when i was like 19 21 and 22... now im 23 and a half will eb 24 in less than 6 months and u knw ill always be younger than u but only 6 months in average... i hope we were born and made for each other... i dont wanna live a short life anymore NOT without u!
Jiggsey4u |  03/28/09
Learn how to talk Chinese in 5 minutes...:-D but with English on it too! (Jokes) Ok! Read the English meanings then OUTLOUD! Pronounce the words in a Chinese language... (You MUST read them aloud or it does not make as much sense) That’s not right! … … … … … … … … … … … … … Sum Ting Wong See me ASAP! … … … … … … … … … … … … Kum Hia Nao Small horse … … … … … … … … … … … … Tai Ni Po Ni Did you go to the beach? … … … … … … … … Wai Yu So Tan? I bumped in to a coffee table… … … … … … … Ai Bang Mai Fa Kin Ni I think you need a face lift … … … … … … … Chin Tu Fat It's very dark in here … … … … … … … … … Wao So Dim I thought you were on a diet … … … … … … Wai Yu Mun Ching? This is a tow away zone … … … … … … … No Pah King Staying out of sight … … … … … … … … Lei Ying Lo He's cleaning his automobile … … … … … Wa shing Ka Your body odour is offensive/ … … … … Dog shit under my shoe Great … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … Fa Kin Su Pah I am glad to meet you. I can't understand. Help! 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Exhausted he says, "Why did you want to know about sex?" When he finished explaining, the little girl was looking at him with her mouth hanging open. The father asked her, "Why did you want to know about sex?" The little girl replied, "Mom told me to tell you that dinner would be ready in just a couple of secs." WHY? A man is talking to God and asks him: "God, why did you make women so beautiful?" to which God replies, "So that you would find them attractive." Then the man asks: "God, but why did you have to make them so dumb?" To which God replies: "So that they would find you attractive (enough and you take charge)!"
Jiggsey4u |  03/27/09
babe! did i send u all my poems? i cant wait to c u b my Bride, my future wife, my 1st wife ever!soulmate and life partner, spouse, significant other/my other half... married for the first time ever in my life im so excited! :D :P i dont feel depressed with u around amd i didnt do any of the negative things i was gonna do or thought of doing... i prayed to Allah (God) to give u to me in marriage to give me a blessing and make me happy and let me live my life happily i asked Him to give me a wife and let me get married sooner than later i told Him to give me you! i wanna only get married to you I also want to Please Him and make Him our Creator happy and kepp ourselves happy too and prayed about the Hereafter with rewards in this world and the next life! :D i think i wanna have kids with you too if we get married! i wanna live my life with you for the rest of my life...
Jiggsey4u |  03/27/09
Everyday n night I come on ur profile... Hoping that n wanting it to become a memory I still have so much passion for u... By da way can upload some more picz? I wanna get to know u more...! :P
Jiggsey4u |  03/26/09
And how do you like my new picture? I look ballin' don't I? I grew some weight and put on some dark lipstick shit. I did this because I thought you'd like it.
ore_wa_gandamu |  03/26/09
Hello darling I want to tell u something Yes I love you! I do! I love you! I love you! I love you! And yes I am romantic...! But only wanna be romantic with you! And if we get together then we could to in a honeymoon Jus da two of us... :P I have eyes only for you Imagine us being together now, spending time together without any restrictions (cos of marriage contract) or or da Nikah We cud showed love to each other sleep together b in bed together lol I'd love to see you be my wife And u wud b my 1st wife U knw dat U r probably the live if my lid My other half, my significant other My solumate, my life partner My marriage partner Ur my life
Jiggsey4u |  03/25/09
so do u want to knw what I said in Bengali in ur inbox? U will have to at least tell me how u feel bout me... I need to knw I can't just talk hour fings but b ignored or have da ova person ignore me not say nefin n not make use of any conversation... I dnt want u getting shocked stressed bored feel nothing or tensed...
Jiggsey4u |  03/24/09
u knw da poems i wrote...? u wont b able to read them in the way i wrote it... u'll have to read it off microsoft word... on dis website it'll show as a paragragh like as if itz jus part of random story (copy n pasted) but i didnt copy n paste it though u wot wot? i actualli do love u i knw it might sound weird meetin sum1 off da net i used 2 do dat after seein da person on webcam 2 b sure dat da person iz genuine be4 i went out wiv a girl last time 3 years ago... im still finkin of da big day of da two of us! jus me n u! well u knw im genuine im real well im attractive arent i? arent i still cute? or sweet? my mums talkin bout marriage but i dnt want ne1 else... n in my mind i told myself i dnt want ne1 else except dat girl Jasmine! n dats her... ---> you!(desi_curi_24) on udesi.com! ur da 1 i want! seriously i knw u may not b ready 4 marriage yet but please at least tell me sumfink dat will make me patient n more calm n relaxed im impatient im so crazy bout u fink im possed wiv u as well... (a little bit) ur soo cute... u look beautiful please tell me wen u wanna get married tell me da age u wanna get married at giv me some info... something! please hun! at least something... im always writing bout myself but havent got a chance 2 knw much bout u... u didnt tell me much bout urself... i knw girls dont show feeling they feel shy n embarassed to say how they feel dont they?
Jiggsey4u |  03/22/09
So tell me your secret. How do you handle all of this affection from random strangers on the internet?
ore_wa_gandamu |  03/20/09
Did u knw that there's always a "man" in the word woman? "Adam" in madam? "Mr" in Mrs? "Male "in female? So (we) boys are always incomplete without girls And girls and incomplete without boys...
Jiggsey4u |  03/20/09
I'd love to get to know more bout u... And those poems which I write is on microsoft word It also shows a shape when u look at it It also rhymes with the last word on each 1 or two lines and makes sense I remember last time I wrote it was at 4:30 am just before going to sleep I done it by starting to type it up on my fone... :D hope u like it and are interested! I'm probably da only guy who wrote a poem
Jiggsey4u |  03/20/09
How do I change by profile pic or edit and delete the picz I uploaded? I don't think the blog link is still working or fixed yet... And u knw how much I wanna b with u... :$ I'm crazy bout u can't stop finkin bout u n I'm not scared to admit it and am willing to tell u anything I wanna always b there 4 u... All the time Whenever u need me u'll always be in my mind abd in my heart...
Jiggsey4u |  03/20/09
i hope im not making things sound too embarassed hun... :( u knw i still am waiting for the day to come wen i tell you that "I Love you!..." ill be keeping it inside my heart and my mind as well i can also talk about love using organs like my stomach did u knw? by always keepin my stomach full not empty or my lungs and heart in good condition etc i learned a lot of things about love its not just the heart... there's more to life than just living the life being born growing old eating sleeping being bored then being destroyed etc... dont u agree? id love to talk to u! maybe we should get on msn :D would be easier oh and sometimes i use slang sometimes i dont and just type formally like now all mixed lol
Jiggsey4u |  03/19/09
sallamm i think ur da pretest desi girl in da whole world
nomyyy |  03/19/09
Let me tell u something... I like ur hair ur personality and ur eyes!!! :D the best thing best feature about you... Did anyone ever tell you that? ^o)
Jiggsey4u |  03/18/09
No it's nor illegal or a crime to be beautiful sweet cute honest or sweet... We didn't choose to be those type if people like being honest and beautiful and sweet truthful they are qualities good things about a person But what about the terms and conditions of this website? Viloation etc n copyright issues Obviously da person u see in the picz in my profile us me... I'm real always have been and I neve upload a pic if someone else that I am not... Even a girls pic unless I have her permission but in not a perv either I'm too honest I'd be telling my girl/ future wife/ wife to be everything I never hide anything... Tell me what you think about me... How much u like me and if u like anything about me the things I said etc and what you see so far What you see is what you will get... Jus like a printer I'd a camera... I really really like u! I like u so much!
Jiggsey4u |  03/18/09
oh yeh dat Bengali comment I left on ur profile means go on then y sexy girl! Ur beautiful let's have a chat! Furi means girl in Bengali in slang jus luke in hindi y say either kuri or ladki... I'd never sat anything bad bout u! I like u too much... :(
Jiggsey4u |  03/18/09
Dream in da mornin iz different frm da dream ppl have at night dnt u agree?
Jiggsey4u |  03/18/09
Dream in da mornin iz different frm da dream ppl have at night dnt u agree?
Jiggsey4u |  03/18/09
Wot does wot mean? Wot do u wanna knw Hun? Yeh I knw how 2 talk Bengali as well as English n a bit of hindi :D U knw I like u sooo much Hun... I almost had a dream in da morning bout u... Saw u giv me a hug wiv ur bridal dress on da weddin day in front of pol after da weddin finished we were leavin da weddin hall u were so happy I've been finkin bout u do much Hun since I saw ur pic I knw itz a bit too soon but I wish ud feel me or feel wot I'm feelin I wanna marry u.. :$ everyday I'm finkin of u as my (1st) wife I fink we'd b happy together wud luv dat even though it won't actually happen U also changed my heart I wanna b happy smilin everday have u 2 luv me, me 2 luv u stop bein depressed or emotional or sad n lonely I wish u were my wife...:( cud have lived life properly n stop feelin suicidal as well itz a long story I've been waitin 2 get married 4 so long... Cud have completed half of by fairy too... How's u hun? N I knw I'm not rushin nefin Not until after 6-7 years!
Jiggsey4u |  03/18/09
U knw ur soo cute u sound realli realli sweet I wish I wos wiv u now cud hav enjoyed ourselves Hav a nice time etc.. N hav a laugh b loved n love each ova bac da both of us wud hav been worthwhile...
Jiggsey4u |  03/17/09
Go on den u sexy furi LOL :D ;) Thui shundor asoth betti... Amra mathilay :)
Jiggsey4u |  03/17/09
SEXCITY |  03/16/09
I lyke yo EyEz hair n cutey face!
Jiggsey4u |  03/16/09
Yep n u got sum boobs LOL jokin Kinda sexy n sweet too haha I like dis website makes me fink more positive n itz fun too Betta den always been sad depressed suicidal unhappy etc I hav also been longing 4 a wife a soulmate a life partner sum1 hu belongs 2 ma heart...
Jiggsey4u |  03/16/09
Hus stoppin wot? Lol fanx I got more picz will upload l8r one by one
Jiggsey4u |  03/16/09
after a long time ive been waitin 2 get married for 5-6 years now...
Jiggsey4u |  03/15/09
lol yuppp tru tru man needz a vacation 1 tym jammin in hot sun so wa u sayin xx
xHustlerx |  03/14/09
Well I asked that question due to the simple fact that every man on earth would drop what they are doing just to look at you if you were any prettier. That would crash this world economy which would cause another World War. Which is why regulations must exist. So please. Think of the children before you pretty yourself next time.
ore_wa_gandamu |  03/14/09
That is an absolutely WONDERFUL Jasmine cosplay. You can totally look the part in a live action Aladdin movie.
ore_wa_gandamu |  03/13/09
Hey good looks on the add. What's up?
JTilak07 |  03/13/09
SEXCITY |  03/13/09
nuffin much u knw jus jammin lyfz the same sme shit different day wa bou u xx
xHustlerx |  03/13/09
i rated u again! :D even though i rated u already highest level! :DDDDDDD
Jiggsey4u |  03/13/09
its under my profile pic innit? and there's 4 links to click on with a small border and the link is always on blue until when u click on it.. it changes to purple otherwise it's red lol what's ur name? and how old are u? wouldnt mind getting to know u as a friend :D im still used to going on the old ratedesi site lol but this ones more exciting except hard to get used and makes u have a lot of unanswered questions lol im on hi5 as well :P still!
Jiggsey4u |  03/13/09
aww ur lukin realli cute n sound bare sweet :(
Jiggsey4u |  03/13/09
thanks i just found out lol hard to get used to the website though not like the old ratedesi lol... how r u?
Jiggsey4u |  03/13/09
hey waz up... how u doing... lookin really cuteee n luv da pose
SEXCITY |  03/12/09
hey waz up... how u doing... lookin really cuteee n luv da pose
SEXCITY |  03/12/09
lol so wa u up2 2dy thn x
xHustlerx |  03/12/09
hiya! ur looking beautiful! just wanted to ask u... does this website have a profile viewer? like it shows u who viewed u etc...? lol ur looking cute could have added u as a friend :( what's your name? and how old are you? looking sweet! :P
Jiggsey4u |  03/11/09
i lukd reallly close at ur pik lol wa u up2 x
xHustlerx |  03/11/09
Good Morning My Love, Ek sawal hum apne dil se kiya karte hai Ki kyun tu usse chahta hai itna Kyun usse yaad karke tu khud ko jalata hai Mera dil kehta hai ki Kya ruh ke bina bhi koi insaan jee pata hai? Aapke deedar ki hume chahat hai Aapke saath ki humari hasrat hai Ab toh dil se bhi aati ye hi aahat hai Ki aapka pyar toh jaise jannat hai Dil ki nahi jaan ki jarurat ho tum Zami ki nahi aasmaan ki inayat ho tum aur ab hum kya aapki tareef kare Husn ki nahi qayamat ki murat ho tum
Sooty |  01/30/09
_______,-~-. __.--.__ ,-~-._______ _______/ .- ,'_________`. -. ______ _______ ` /`__________' ' /______ ________`-/___'a___a`___-'________ _________|____,'(_)`.____|_________ ____________( ._|_. )___/_________ _____________`.__,'___/__________ __________.-`._______,'-.__________ ________,'__,'___`-'___`.__`._______ _______/___/___HOT!!!!!!___________ _____,'____/______o_________`.___ ___,'_____|______o_______|_____`._ __|_____,'|______o_______|`._____| ___`.__,'_.-_____o______/-._`.__,'__ _________/_`.____o____,'_________ __.""-._,'______`._:_,'_______`.,-"".__ _/_,-._`_______)___(________'_,-.__ (_(___`._____,'_____`.______,'___)_) ________,'________`.____/___/_/__ __`.`._,'_/_______________`._,','____ ___`.__.-'______________`-.___
warren |  03/28/09
your are 100% gowjuss babyluv..
ILLNAVIL |  01/08/09
i was bored and ended up giving you a rating of 1.. now come to think of it, i feel bad.. so im sorry :o( hope that's okay.
Lovelygrl |  01/04/09
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