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jay jahangir
City: bronx State: NY
Rating: 10 Total Rating:3
Weight: 145
Height: 5'10
Birthday: 5/4/1987
Religion: muslin

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hey pplz im new 2 thz site n not really dat familier wit it as well.. but if u want here is my myspace n aim... myspace.com/moh54 & aim=jay20094

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ok I'll keep in touch.
Kiss my Lips! |  03/24/09
why ? what happened? that means I wont see you here anymore?
Gupssy |  03/24/09
why ? looks cud be deceiving...
Kiss my Lips! |  03/23/09
i might take u upon sumday....
Gupssy |  03/23/09
i'm not shy type at all... lol..
Kiss my Lips! |  03/20/09
dat sounds delicious...haven't ate dat for long..
Gupssy |  03/20/09
here i'm. how was ur day? miss me? lol
xxxxPrincessxxxx |  03/19/09
Gupssy |  03/19/09
so what did u eat then?
Gupssy |  03/19/09
well why? dere r more girls prettier than me.
Reshma |  03/19/09
thnx for the compliment..
xxxxPrincessxxxx |  03/19/09
hey sex_city boy. how r u doing? so what do u for fun?
Gupssy |  03/19/09
ya it must be my camera. its costly. hhahah.
Shazoooo |  03/19/09
pry 4 me
desi_superModel |  03/18/09
Neet |  03/18/09
no I'm not talking abt other guys. I guess I didn't notice the last two pix.
PEACHES |  03/18/09
nice. I see u added sum pix here. koool
PEACHES |  03/17/09
I wasn't waiting...just kidding. no worries. I wasn't here that often either...whats new?
desi_curi_24 |  03/16/09
that is ok.thats a great personality though..
PEACHES |  03/16/09
what do u mean by dat?
desi_curi_24 |  03/13/09
things are going ok for so far. same stuffs. school and home.. etc.. what abt u?
desi_curi_24 |  03/13/09
den u must be pretty interesting funny person.
PEACHES |  03/13/09
u got me blushing... u r looking hot in ur pix
desi_curi_24 |  03/12/09
:-) thank you for such a lovely comment..
desi_curi_24 |  03/12/09
dat is really flattering comment.
PEACHES |  03/12/09
thnx. my friend andy did that for me. she's good at it.
PEACHES |  03/11/09
hillside. u know girls dont tell their age..LOL
MeEnA |  03/11/09
i'm good. thanks for asking though...
Priay_hot |  03/10/09
no i didnt mean anything. I meant all site has the same kind of things. u know dat. chatting talking blogging etc
MeEnA |  03/10/09
thanx for the lovely comment
Priay_hot |  03/09/09
all site has the same shit. whats the difference?
MeEnA |  03/09/09
dats a nice comment. thanx. ur also looking hot too.
MeEnA |  03/08/09
take a guess. let me see your instinct. beside, u dont have anything to lose
amberley |  03/06/09
dat is sumthing for u to figure out... I'm the pretty one...dats a hint
Karem |  03/06/09
so r u.. thans for your super warming comment... so where u from?
Lady_Baby |  03/06/09
u r one hot looking boy at UDESI
BlAziiNMaMii69 |  03/06/09
thx. so what makes you keep this nick name? wondering!!!
BengalPrincess |  03/06/09
thanks for the comment
mizz smart |  03/05/09
I stopped using other sites after I started here. so you 'll be seeing me here a lot...nice to meat u
Chanelle1990 |  03/05/09
its definitely better than RD. RD profiles are junk. so how you doing? thanks for the msg
cheesedoll |  03/05/09
I'm just chilling here as well. It's a new site. for some reason I just love this site. specially its fresh look. I heard they will add a feature if you request. I asked them to add live chatting feature. That would be cool.
cheesedoll |  03/04/09
yup I did. I just love that movie. living in fantacy world I guess. no just kidding. you know how it works.
Lois Lane |  03/04/09
das hat everybody is telin me. I get dat a lot your pretty handsome too. leave me a hi5. thanx
Chanelle1990 |  03/04/09
Thanx for the comment. howz everything?
cheesedoll |  03/04/09
you are georgious as well. i like your hair style.
ishubabii |  03/04/09
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