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shelina khan
City: Sheffield State: Sheffield
Rating: 9.473 Total Rating:1216
Birthday: 27/02/93
Ethnicity: Bengali
Orientation: Straight

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Web Address: http://www.udesi.com/cute_shelly

Easy going, I'm ambitious. I love to chill with m8s going out etc. I'd love to travel all over the world. Love Shopping, going to the Movies, Bowling and Sports. Am down to earth and last but not least am born on the 27th Feb xxxxx
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My Comments

hmm so u gotta study? good.. talk to u later then..
Mosin |  03/27/09
hahha. what u do gonna do after?
Mosin |  03/26/09
i'm good too. so what r u doing these days?
Mosin |  03/25/09
thnx. how r u?
Mosin |  03/24/09
oh I just love it. bowling and Decca sports...
Mosin |  03/23/09
playing wii games. and u?
Mosin |  03/22/09
so anything new?
Mosin |  03/21/09
great sweetuu
Mosin |  03/20/09
dont like much...no choice...how r u?
Mosin |  03/19/09
ya.i'm good.my dad cancelled my internet.dats why. well he just switched to a different company..so whats up?
Mosin |  03/19/09
ya I do. but sometimes I hate it..
Mosin |  03/11/09
part time for now. as a pharmacy assistant..
Mosin |  03/10/09
thnx for asking. came from work. what about u?
Mosin |  03/09/09
so far so good.
Mosin |  03/08/09
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