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Weight: 8st sumat
Height: 5ft3
Birthday: June 92
Religion: undecided
Ethnicity: mixed
Orientation: dunno wt dat means haha

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Im mixed race. love my girlies. love my bf. love my friends. My mum is THE best. love kebababs. i live for the weekend. i love nighs out. i love gilie nights in. i love my mobile. love my lipgloss. love coconut moisturiser. love the new harajuko perfume. i love lotsa fings bt i do h8 a few. i h8 b.o. seriously get deodrant. i h8 it wen ppl eat wiv there mouth open. n dats about it haha. wnna knw nethin else jst ask :)
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hi! how u doin? where bouts u from? tc :)jb521
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