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How To Use This Site?- Album and Photos

How To Add Album or Add More Photos

I Noticed some of you have difficulties adding photos. Here is some hints about uploading additional photos.

By default you'll have option to upload 5 photos. Very first one is your Profile Image (Red colored text will indicate).
We do recommend to use atleast profile image or people would not feel interest in your profile. You wouldn't view a profile without a persons image. Please be honest and upload your image as that represnts you.
If you want to upload more photos then you have to use ALBUM feature. It's easy.

1) First create an album. Give a name of your album.
2) Once you create an album , you'll see option to A. You have no limit.
3) You can create as many album you want.

I noticed some of you may have trouble uploading file. You may wondering why you can not see your pictures. I found out it happens with upper case filenames only. for example;- if your image file name is RAHUL_AT_MIAMI.JPG, it might not work.
I would suggest to rename this file to rahul_at_miami.jpg then try to upload. It would sure work. Let me know if you have any trouble.

Please note that you have to create an album first in order to upload photos in that album. You will not see an option to upload photo unless you create an album
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