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City: Oklahoma State: Texas
Rating: 10 Total Rating:2
Weight: 21
Height: 5 feet 3
Religion: muslim
Ethnicity: Bengali and Filipino
Orientation: straight

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A b o u t    dReaMnoBuaLLnYtE

Web Address: http://www.udesi.com/dReaMnoBuaLLnYtE

A few things about me:
→Yes, my replies/comments are real. Not: "Omgz vow hullo. U looking saxy. Plz mail me on imafxckingfob@hotmail.com"

→I'm not here to be rated, just here to meet new people, keep up with old friends, and post here and there on the forums.

→I'm REALLY straightforward to the point where sometimes it's ALMOST rude. Don't try to get to know me if you can't handle that.

→I LOVE music. I'm always listening to music. But BEWARE: in my car, I have ADD with music. I'll listen to a minute.. and NEXT.

→Do not, I repeat, DO NOT message me asking if I: 1) want to see your .1940589405 inch dick 2) want to webcam 3) want nude pictures/will give nude pictures. Take your disgusting indecency to a slut that cares.

→I love watching football. Go BEARS! and for college football... GO SOONERS!

→I'm sarcastic and my sense of humor consists of lame jokes followed by "that's what she said."

→I think I might have ADD, seriously.

→I'm one of the most down-to-earth girls you'll ever meet.

→I don't care how many friends you have on this site. It's freaking RD. Not real life. If you look at my friends list, you can tell I don't just add ANYBODY. So stop adding me if you haven't even said a word. Seriously, you WILL be denied. Congratulations to those who have a ton of friends on RD. You really have proved your popularity.

→Business law major. Planning on being a business lawyer. I'm an ex-debater. Have a decent intellectual conversation with me, and you won't be on my useless list.

→I'm freaking badass.

→If you're a FOB who is USELESS, please do us all a favor and jump back onto the boat. Thank you come again. (=

→I'm a nice girl... if you're genuinely interested in getting to know me.

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lool oh man, ya kno what, i knew ya would get pissed, i was sendin ya dat private message cuz i didnt want ya 2 get offended and when i come on my page i see ur message , lol sorz again if i offended ya
MzJ |  04/14/09
oi have u even seen me pic? wot part of london r you from bydaway
20221 |  03/13/09
hey babe!! really cute pics ur turning me on at a high speed my 10 is urs hit me baq with sum lov *************shabzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz***************** *
SajjalKhan |  01/10/09
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