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I've had this account a while but never bothered using it. I feel like a plonker for using my full name as my username as I see no one else has- silly billy. Anyway here is goes.Im half panjabi half spanish. Just an ordinary girl studying to be a Lawyer.I have ambitions of visiting as many countries as possible before the age of 65. Friends and family are very important to me and so is laughter. Guys try not to send too many Pm find it hard to read them let alone reply so just leave a comment thanks

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hey wassup/// thnx 4 da add... gud loookz... 5 out of 5... Olla Baq
Dj_Ayaan |  04/01/09
nice pic droping 5 and u got that amazing eyes u don,t have to say anything i read in ur eyes
badshah |  03/27/09
yo been arab n dat u should set an example by covering up your beauty!!!! mans shoudnt be lookin at you this way you get me represnt islam u get me!!!!!!!!!!!! so were in birmz yo from?
dfineStudio |  03/02/09
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SeXXiiAzzWhiTeGuRL |  03/07/09
thanx huni and the same 2u.xx
yesyesitsacockynick |  04/07/09
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