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The Reason

This is my first blog of, hopefully, many more to come. Comment on the blog or e-mail me or whatever and let me hear what you think about whatever I write about.

I guess the first place to start is the reason for why I've started making music. It's pretty simple. I got sick of listening to all the shit music that's out now. I haven't downloaded a recently released song in months – maybe even a year. Yet I feel as if I haven't missed out on anything worthwhile. Have I though? Maybe I'm just getting old? I don't know. I've resorted to listening to a few old-school artists – well old-school to me. Rappers like Slick Rick (who I'll write about in a later blog), Dana Dane and KRS-1. I know my taste has matured from the days when I would listen to Nelly (make fun of me, go ahead… I'll just have to diss you in a song)=p, and I listen to less rappers nowadays. Does that mean I was listening to garbage rap before and didn't know it? Or maybe there's been a falloff in talent. Or maybe the change just came with age.

I hear famous artists talking about how they're surprised when they hear their songs on the radio and they don't really listen to their own songs. I always thought I would be the same way in terms of not listening to my own music if I was ever to make any. BUT I was so wrong about that. Don't mean to sound cocky or anything, but I love to listen to the music I've made. Why shouldn't I enjoy my own music? I mean, as an artist I should be creating songs that I enjoy making and that I enjoy listening to, right? I have to say that I am my biggest fan. The beats I choose nod my head and make me feel a little something extra inside, like "Damn, this is a sick beat. I know exactly what to write".

My music should please me. That's my first goal. I don't want to write something generic that I have no feelings for. Maybe my stuff will feel generic to some people but that's because they don't know how personal some of the songs are. I always use events that happen around me on a daily basis. Sometimes I'm inspired to write a song by seemingly the most insignificant events. It might be a visit to the mall or making a sandwich; just things that you don't really think too much about. Other times I'm motivated by something considerably more important, like times of conflict in my life. Whatever the case, inspiration can come from the strangest of places.

So that's pretty much why I began rapping, without going into too much detail. Oh, and it's fun as shieeeet.


PS. check out this tune http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HXaPCXIfvCY
Add Blog Comment | Flabbagasta | 08/16/09

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