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Guys, Guys and more Guys ...... Kicking the Shit out of Bitchy Gals......... Me M8's u know I lve u guys !!!!

My Hobbie is checking out 'Fit' Guys.......Wat can I say I just Lvvvvvvvveeeeee Guys.......... So if u see me in Kensington South London and you're Fit come on over and say Hi............ U know u wanna !!!!! X For all u Haters out there u just wanna be me......... So get r Life and Stay the Fuck out of Mine !!! XX NO PIC NO CHAT SORRY ONLY FAIR AS U HAVE SEEN MINE !!!
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what you do like for fun?what kind dating you like to do?what is your fabrate spart for going date?what kind romence you like to do in date?what kind kiss you like to do on your lips?Shahid_2000
just wondering... u single? ^o) bdw... i went to South kensignton da ova day but i didnt c u...! lol imagine i bumped into 2 u or i saw u frm a far distance n u didnt c me until after a couple of seconds... den u wanted me 2 say hi but i didnt wanna... n u felt like u missed 1 of da wonderful fing uve eva seen... imagine... how wud u hav reacted? shocked/happy/excited/not interested? eva seen or met a fit sexy guy? lol wot bout ppl wiv good n TRUE personality? sum galz tell me im HoT! i knw i dunno y but ur friends list duh lol i gotta say hi or chat if i add u innit? hope u dnt mind me chattin...Jiggsey4u

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why ? looks cud be deceiving... yess i highly agree wit u... but anyways hey im deletin my profile u can rite 2 my on aim if u want jay20094 ill wait 4 ur IM
SEXCITY |  03/24/09
ohh well idk bout dat... i wud have 2 jodge dat wen eve we meet if future (if we do) but nicki jii based on ur descriptions i can imagin u aint a shy lady at all lol
SEXCITY |  03/23/09
hi...u single??
vikAs_11362 |  03/23/09
mmmhmm nicki (KISS MY LIPS)it will b a lucky 1 who eve get da change... so if i c u in BROKLYN u gona tlk back rite??? not like typical desi ladys wlk away or some shyt lol
SEXCITY |  03/20/09
its ayt u no bare bord n stuff tho wt bwt u babe xx
ravZzZ |  03/19/09
Hey there beautiful lookin cute~~~ holla back~~~
cuteboy |  03/18/09
hey hun wus goin on lookin peng. o still u u a south girl. stil keep it up xx
ravZzZ |  03/18/09
xzon |  03/08/09
holla at me...10.xx
xzon |  03/08/09
Damm u sooo hot n sexy!!!!!!!!!!! 10 fo sho....
KhawarMB |  03/03/09
********e ******M ****y **D Lookin real fyne..Jus stoppin by to show u sum luv n give u yur well deserved dyme..holla back if like what ya c...
Brandta |  01/20/09
god damnnnn this is long,,,,, see what i just did there, heh, heh!!!! lols hope your well, you got ma 10 for sure n always 2 mwahzzzz : m)
28291 |  04/03/09
sweet azz profile :) 1483 friends, ah u dont need me as a friend. You have your hands full already:)~
afsar_purna |  03/11/09
luka chuppi bahut hui saamne aa ja na kahan kahan dhoonda tujhe thak gayi ab teri JAAN aaja saanjh hui mujhe teri fikar SUSTA GAYI MERI COMPUTER aa ja na i know, i know, this is called "chori." but you yourself is a "chor" since who have done the chori of my sensitive heart. kya main hi hoon jo tumhe 10 bahane karke de gaya dil?
LiCklCut |  01/25/09
What a shame you aint single
HameedAzeez |  02/08/09
hey cute boy ;)
Vimal |  01/26/09
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